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Bus - Airport coach service Beauvais to Paris

The Beauvais Paris airport bus service is a good transport option for travellers on a budget. It is direct between the airport and Porte Maillot (Congress Center), which is located at the western limit of Paris. Here is information about schedules, fares and departure times.

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Bus between Beauvais airport and Paris

Beauvais airport Bus

The Beauvais Paris airport bus service is accessible to ALL travellers with or without airlines tickets. Please note that this ground transportation service is not door to door - You will have to take either a taxi or the subway to go to your hotel downtown Paris. Therefore for groups, travellers with young children or heavy luggages and seniors a door to door shuttle transfer may be a more comfortable and quicker transport option.

Duration: Travel time is usually between 75 and 90 minutes depending on road traffic conditions.
Frequency: Bus leaves 20 to 30 minutes after flight arrivals from Beauvais and 3 to 4h before flight departure time from Paris. It is recommended to leave from Paris at least 3 hours before your flight as the usual transfer time is around 1h15 but may vary a lot depending on traffic conditions.
Stations: At the airport the bus terminal is located in the parking area between terminal 1 & 2. In Paris the bus station is located at the Pershing bus park just a few steps away from the Porte Maillot subway station, in front of Concorde Lafayette Hotel. See map.

Tickets - Fares

Where to purchase Beauvais airport bus tickets : Travellers can either book their tickets online or directly at the ticket office at the airport or at the bus terminal in Paris.
Tickets price: : Adult 17€ Single - 34€ Return. Fares are slightly discounted if booking online.

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The Paris Beauvais airport bus service is surely the cheapest mean of transport to get to or from the airport. Yet to travel faster and in comfort a door to door airport minivan service, shared or private, or a taxi may be a good alternative to the bus.

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Roissybus, Orlybus, Le Bus Direct, ... Roissy airport and Orly airport have a couple of bus services to choose from. The choice is however more limited for Beauvais airport.

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