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The Orlybus is linking Orly airport to Central Paris (Place Denfert-Rochereau). This Air conditioned shuttle service operated by the parisian public transports (RATP) is one of the cheapest way to get to or from Orly airport.

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Airport shuttle

Compare and book your airport shuttle & transfer services between Roissy, Orly or Beauvais airport and city center.

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Orlybus airport coach service

Orly airport Bus

The bus directly links central Paris and Orly airport terminals (South & West). It is a convenient transport option for travellers on a budget. Please note that transport strike may disrupt this service and affect significantly frequency and journey times (See bottom of page for more information).

Tickets fares & schedules

Duration: Journey time varies from 25 to 35 minutes depending on road traffic.
Frequency: Frequency is one bus every 10 to 20 minutes.
Stations: The Orlybus coach station downtown Paris is located Place Denfert-Rochereau in the 14th district.
Tickets price: A one way ticket costs 8€.

Airport minivan services & taxis

minivan taxi services

The Orlybus airport coach service is certainly one of the cheapest mean of transport to get to or from the airport. Yet to travel faster and in comfort a door to door airport minivan service, shared or private, or a taxi may be a good alternative to the bus.

Airport shuttle

Airport bus services in Paris

Airport bus services

Roissybus, Orlybus, Le Bus Direct, ... Roissy airport and Orly airport have a couple of bus services to choose from. The choice is however more limited for Beauvais airport.

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Transport strikes in Paris

Airport bus services

Strike actions happen every year in Paris. Different kind of strikes affect Roissy or Orly airports' activities every year and make the travellers journey to or from Paris more complicated ...

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