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Bus - Coach service Beauvais to Paris

An express coach service is operated between Beauvais airport and the Porte Maillot (Congress center) in the west of Paris. Bus leaves 20 to 25 minutes after flight arrivals from Beauvais and 3h before flight departure time from Paris. It is recommended to leave from Paris 3 hours before your flight as the usual transfer time is around 1 hour but may vary a lot depending on traffic conditions. Please note that this ground transportation service is not door to door - You will have to take either a taxi or the subway to go to your hotel downtown Paris. Therefore for groups and travellers with children or luggages we recommend you door to door shuttle transfer.




Where to catch Paris Beauvais airport Coach

In Paris : Beauvais airport bus terminal is located behind congress center in front of Concorde Lafayette Hotel on a parking area - 5 minutes walk from the two subway exits (Porte Maillot - L1) . Map of Ryanair bus pick up location in Paris
In Beauvais : On the right side (when leaving terminal) on the parking area just next to the terminal

How much cost a Ryanair bus ticket to Paris - Where to purchase

A one way ticket costs 13 Eur (don't forget you have to pay for a subway ticket to go to or from your paris hotel) - This bus service is also named : Ryanair Bus despite the fact that the coaches don't often show any ryanair logo. You can purchase your tickets online on the official Beauvais airport site. However we advise you to purchase your tickets last minute (in the bus) as the total number of seats in the bus exceeds the one of the planes. Good Hint : Only cash is accepted at the ticket counters ... Go first to the cash dispenser (on the right when facing the bar)...

Bus Beauvais to Disneyland

There is no direct bus service from Beauvais airport to Disneyland - Therefore we recommend you to book a private shuttle transfer (good bargain for group of 4 or more). Use selector or click on the banner of the right.

Beauvais Airport

Private transfer service - Beauvais - Paris - Disneyland

Beauvais is quite far away from Paris as located 65km North West Paris. Travellers arriving to Beauvais Tille BVA can either take the Ryanair Coach service, hire a car or get a private transportation : Airport pick up should be the choice of groups of 4 or more staying in the center of Paris. One Way transfer cost usually 140 Euros for a 8 persons van to Paris downtown and 180 Euros to Disneyland. Please note that this transfer must be booked at least 48 hours in advance for instant online confirmation.

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Express Coach service Beauvais - Paris - Disneyland

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Travellers reviews : Coach transfer service is the favorite choice of budget travellers as it remains cheap and convenient - However it is not recommended for business travellers, travellers with luggages or children in tow and seniors as it is not a door to door service. A shared (or private for small groups) shuttle transportation is often a better bargain.